Pretty optimistic...
by NDde (2022-11-30 04:38:37)
Edited on 2022-11-30 04:41:20

In reply to: How optimistic were you after Lou's first season?  posted by NJDoubleDomer

Don't forget how tough the schedule was in 1986. We took Michigan, LSU, and (eventual National Champion) Penn State down to the wire. The toughness and discipline were back. Holtz took over a talented but mentally weak team. He changed the culture practically overnight.

Also, don't forget that Holtz had already proven himself to be a very good head coach when we hired him. He was about 15 years older than Freeman is now and (understandably) knew a lot more about assembling a coaching staff, game planning/preparation, developing an offensive identity, motivation, etc. than Freeman does at this point.

There is plenty to like about Freeman, but there are still a lot more unknowns about him than there were about Holtz after year 1 at ND.