Stop the Q-tip a little sooner, chief.
by wearendhockey (2022-11-30 13:16:36)

In reply to: Are you on drugs?  posted by ND74KJS

Kelly likely bolted for purpler grass because he knew his recruiting had fallen a notch or two and there was a pretty good chance he was gonna lose a few games this year.

He did not leave Freeman a top-5 team. Sure he left a top-15 team behind, to a first year head coach with a top-75 or so offensive coordinator, but it was not a top-5 team. And Freeman did about what most people expected with top-15 talent and a terrible offensive coordinator and a backup quarterback to boot.

I don't know if Notre Dame is out of the weeds with Freeman helming the program, but I know you sound like you have been smoking some....