Why would the colleges let the NFL in?
by gregmorrissey (2023-01-27 13:44:52)

In reply to: It would be a waste of time. There's no good side  posted by SWPaDem

Right now the Power 5 have the deal of all deals. Their cash cow business has a monopoly on 18-22 year old football players, and they don't even have to pay the service providers. Why would the NFL want to compete with that? And why would the Power 5 willingly invite the NFL in to compete?

So, the Power 5 are playing "dumb". They point to the NCAA or to Congress as merely a diversion. The system is working how they want for everyone -- well, nearly everyone. Like Scooby Doo..."if it wasn't for those pesky kids".

In the next decade, the Big Ten and SEC are likely to break away with another 10 or so teams, and they'll run their own show. The rest of the NCAA will revert back to looking more like the Missouri Valley or Conference USA. Maybe they are successful enough to grow and compete with the SEC/BIG Ten league -- compete in revenues/TV contract, not on the field of play as they will not actually compete against each other ala NAIA vs. NCAA or NBA vs. CBA.

And some of us will bemoan what it was or what it should be or what it could have been.