Group of 5
by Wass (2023-01-28 09:26:59)

In reply to: as to the group of 5 schools  posted by jt

I would submit that the Group of 5 conferences may be better off dropping down a level. Let's face it, realistically, even with the expansion of the playoffs, schools in these conferences have little chance to make in, unless one becomes the darling of ESPN. If they drop a level, they have a chance to play for a title at that level. As things stand now, the best they can do is a lousy bowl game to fill time for ESPN. Next season, many of these teams will be forced into weekday games to fill time for ESPN. This doesn't help the players at all. They will miss two, maybe three, days of class when they travel. And I can't see where playing weekday games will help recruiting. The Power 5 teams usually use the Group of 5 teams as cannon fodder to pad their schedules. Sure, we can point to some notable upsets, but most of the time, they are easy wins foe the Power 5. Things have really changed quickly in the past few years, and I suspect there will be even more changes, only not for the better of the athlete or the sport.