Because it's a small percent of kids who are
by KeoughCharles05 (2023-01-28 15:34:43)

In reply to: Why would the colleges let the NFL in?  posted by gregmorrissey

Creating problems for the colleges, and that small percent of kids aren't why college football is successful or lucrative.

If kids who wanted to go pro had a chance to do so, colleges would be on much better ground to retain the system.

The NFL doesn't want this to happen. Running a minor league isn't profitable for them.

Seriously, consider if the NFL created a minor league of 8 teams, took the top 450-500 kids out of college ball to field those teams, and played their games on Saturdays, competing against college football.

Where would the top game in this new league rank each week against college games?

The colleges are competing against each other for available talent, but they aren't competing against other leagues at all in terms of absolute talent. It mostly doesn't matter.