Rees had Swarbrick by the short hairs...
by igboston (2023-03-15 16:38:15)
Edited on 2023-03-15 16:41:04

In reply to: It was reported he was already making that.  posted by tdiddy07

...when Kelly bolted (and before Freeman was hired), and Rees artfully used his leverage to get everything he wanted. Rees was on a podcast after Freeman was hired and everything settled down. While Rees didn't disclose the "number he had to have," he openly described the process where Swarbrick ultimately gave him both his number, and the control he wanted. Jack had no choice. I give Rees a lot of credit for his candor and his execution of his deal. It must have felt good to use the screws on Jack.

When it was reported that "if Rees goes to Bama, it won't because of money." Many speculated and reported that ND was going to match Bama's offer. It was the exact opposite. If Rees went to Bama, Bama was going to have to swallow hard and match Rees' rediculous ND salary.