Seems premature to be final
by SixShutouts66 (2023-03-21 13:55:38)

In reply to: Roster at 93 & needs to get to 85. 247 says 7 have been told  posted by Hickster

The coaching staff doesn't know what attrition will occur in the top 85.

1. Spring practice can lead to injuries to players for all or part of the next season. That leads to hard questions whether that player would return to ND the following season. Do you what amounts to a dead scholarship for an injured player.

2. The depth chart at the end of spring ball may result in voluntary turnover. Most of these guys want playing time, and is it worth them to wait around in hopes of getting it.

3. I would guess the new OL coach would like to evaluate the linemen before reaching a decision.

I'd also add that sometimes the light goes on for people or players have been hampered by injuries or weight issues etc. They may be able to elevate their depth chart position.

I would guess that some players have been told they are candidtaes; however, it seems strange to think this is the final list (if we even have to "cut" players after voluntary portal entries).