Looks like the team is shaping up pretty well.
by wearendhockey (2018-12-08 10:37:21)

Reminds me a little of last season. Went into November last year and this year just a game over .500 and then started turning it on.

If you buy into the RPI we've played the toughest schedule in the NCAA so far, to be sitting 6th in the PWR is a pretty good spot.

The UMD series leaves a bit of a bad taste behind, but the team needed the first 3 or 4 series to cement some lines and figure out some roles. No team currently has a longer winning streak than the Irish (although 1 team does have a longer unbeaten streak).

Our penalty kill could be better, but we don't take many penalties (only 3 teams are more disciplined) so that isn't a crisis yet, and I assume it will improve as we move into the second half.

Let's take another win into the break and then come back and lay an epic beatdown on a rather mediocre BC team.