Would the outcome have been different if the ends were
by wearendhockey (2019-01-06 10:07:17)

reversed at the start of the game? TV never does justice to the actual views people on the playing surface are seeing and I wonder if Cale was at the other end, would he have clearly seen the puck from 140 feet away and made what should have been a routine save? By the time the second period rolled around, 40 or so minutes after Morris gave up the long goal, the sun was pretty much no longer any sort of a factor, and the glare from the lights would have been similar regardless of the angles since it comes from all four corners.

At any rate, I hate gimmicks. This program has now played 3 modern outdoor games, including finally one at home. We don't need anymore. With Norris and Hughes on the other end of the continent, this was a game Notre Dame should have won. I know I sound like a Michigan fan saying it, but had it been played on the Compton sheet, I bet we would have won it.

Now get off my lawn, all of you.