It has been an hour
by DakotaDomer (2019-01-12 22:28:35)

I’m still fucking pissed
I know hockey is a game that disproportionately makes you pay for your dumb mistakes. But I can’t handle THIS dumb of a mistake.

What was the logic? I’m on a damn ledge here

Was the idea to put the puck in the goaltender for a stoppage and have the right guys out there for the face off in their end? What could we possibly gain from a DEFENSIVE line change that ended with 9 seconds left?

This season I've taken, more or less, an "it will all be
by wearendhockey  (2019-01-13 00:00:07)     cannot delete  |  Edit  |  Return to Board  |  Ignore Poster   |   Highlight Poster  |   Reply to Post

worked out in time" approach to this team. But the play I'm seeing since that horrific end to the first half is getting a little tiresome.

No chemistry on offense at all lately. Fewer than 3 goals 4 of the last 5 games (all losses). 3 straight home losses. Bad goals given up by the goaltenders. We've looked terribly confused out there for most of the last two games which tells me the team was poorly prepared for this series.

UM and Minn are mediocre teams, and teams we should handle at home. The fact is we're not playing particularly well at home at all. Our only sweep is against RPI, a team that has lost nearly 3/4 of its games.

After the BC win, this team was knocking on the door of a #1 seed. If the tournament started today they'd be lucky to be one of the 16 teams in. They've never been a program that makes a run to the NCAAs in the stretch or the conference tournament, so if they want a shot at accomplishing the only thing left that matter they have yet to accomplish they better start figuring a few things out.

5 to 15 in 3 games
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Losing 3 at home to shit competition will do that to you

Remember that B1G didn’t do nearly as well OOC this year so we won’t be getting an RPI bonus from playing these fucksticks. We have to win, end of story

Put that with the 2 penalties for too many men on ice
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What a cluster plus a ton of errant passes & turnovers. What in the hell is wrong???