Good point about the freshman
by wearendhockey (2019-01-14 14:54:40)

In reply to: You are not going to win many games scoring 1 or  posted by zahm82

The skaters from the 2011 freshman managed almost a half a point a game average, .41/game and the 2019 freshmen are only chipping in about a quarter point a game, .26/game. That class was aided though in large part by two absolute standouts on the scoresheet, Tynan and Lee. Without them, the other skaters managed just .2 points per game. But this class definitely does not (at least not yet) have that stud scoring machine like Tynan or Lee.

I'm hoping that there will be a breakthrough game here where 4 or 5 guys net goals and we put 6 or 7 on the board and it will start the team on a good roll.