I just got back from my first ND hockey game since 1978
by 1978Irish (2019-01-20 23:25:55)

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It was a lot of fun. Wisconsin looked quicker much of the game, but when they played 4 v 4 or 3 v 3, ND looked quicker. I find that odd, unless ND’s best players are better than Wisconsin’s bets players, but Wisconsin has better depth.

For 2 periods ND didn’t have much success 5 v 5. Shots favored Wisconsin by a lot. ND had a strong third period.

ND tried a lot of long passes, which resulted in 1 goal and a lot of icing calls.

The ND penalty killers were outstanding. I think they killed about 5 penalties, including a 4 v 3 in overtime. ND’s goalie is strong on low shots. The 2 goals were high on I think on the stick side.