Couple of thoughts over the past two weeks . . .
by other_guy (2019-01-22 10:16:23)

In reply to: Nice weekend. Always good to come away with a win  posted by wearendhockey

For missing top 3 scorers and 42% of our lineup freshman, I thought ND fought hard and hustled. I know we have several defensive lapses, but we overcame with gritty and hustling play. Offensive play was 1000% improvement from previous 4-5 games.

I have been disappointed in Cale Morris. Can’t recall sequence of goals, but I know I felt 2 on Friday should have been stopped and another on Sunday, I felt was a soft goal. We need this guy to stand on his head while guys are out. Not bashing Morris, just feel he’s off from last year’s standard.

Coaching and effed up bench play cost them last Saturday vs Minny. I blame that loss on coaching staff alone. St. Cyr deserved better and I would love to see this guy start a Friday game vs a meaningful opponent.

All in all, 5 of 6 points at Wisconsin and United Center, where we always play like crap, was a solid weekend. After what we saw on Friday and listened to on Saturday vs Minny, thought we would struggle to get a win.

Graham has out of nowhere emerged as a force. Would be a nice complement to Burke when he returns.