We need to win tonight.
by wearendhockey (2019-02-02 09:55:43)

No, the chances for an NCAA bid will not evaporate if the Irish fall short again in Columbus. No one in the league is so bad that wins won't improve our RPI, but other than Ohio State the rest of the B1G is mediocre enough right now that losses will have a pretty deleterious effect on our standing in the PWR. But I really want to see a win because I want to know the team can beat a really good team that is playing well. OSU is now 8-1-2 in their last 11 games, and good teams playing well is what you run into in late March. A loss tonight and my optimism about this team's chances beyond the regular season won't be too evident.

By my count we've only played 7 games against teams in front of us in the PWR and we're only 2-5 in those games. Confidence goes a long way and the Irish need to know they can beat a very good team. Unless and until the NCAAs are in the future, OSU is far and away the best team -- and the only really good team -- left on the docket. With Cam Morrison and Cal Burke back in the lineup the team is as complete as it will be the rest of the year. Tonight needs to be the night we see what the potential is.

It won't be easier either as the Saturday night half of the OSU goalie tandem will be between the pipes, and while Sean Romeo is a good goalie having a pretty good year, Tommy Nappier is 2nd in the NCAA in GAA, and save and winning percentage. He's lost just once all year and given up more than 2 goals in a game just 2 times all year. The good new? He gave up 4 goals in his most recent start. And that loss? It was to Notre Dame.

If we lose tonight
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We have maybe a 5% chance of making the NCAA without winning the B1G tourney

My optimism is finally gone.
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I honestly believed if this team put it together enough to make the NCAAs, they might actually win it, based on the nature of the tournament coupled with the whole program's wealth of post-season experience. I expected a balls to the wall sense of urgency tonight and saw that for a minute here or there, but I also saw a lot of play that I will generously say did not rise to that level of compete. My guess right now is they fall 3 or 4 spots short.

We certainly played well enough to win last night. Looked
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much better against OSU than in our earlier meeting in South Bend

I listened to the radio call of the 2nd and 3rd periods
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and while it is sometimes hard to discern who got the better of who over the whole game from a radio call, it certainly seemed like the Irish played well enough and generated chances, only to fall a little short. But we need to know that playing well enough will BE enough against good teams. If we bounce back with a good effort tonight and a win, I'll have a measure of confidence the team IS good enough to make another run. OSU is backing up their somewhat unexpected run to a FF with a season that proves at the very least they have a collection talented enough to win it all. Beating them late in the season on their ice shows that we do too.

And by the way if another team, say OSU, wins their first NCAA hockey title before we do, I am gonna puke.