I listened to the radio call of the 2nd and 3rd periods
by wearendhockey (2019-02-02 12:07:41)
Edited on 2019-02-02 12:08:32

In reply to: We certainly played well enough to win last night. Looked  posted by zahm82

and while it is sometimes hard to discern who got the better of who over the whole game from a radio call, it certainly seemed like the Irish played well enough and generated chances, only to fall a little short. But we need to know that playing well enough will BE enough against good teams. If we bounce back with a good effort tonight and a win, I'll have a measure of confidence the team IS good enough to make another run. OSU is backing up their somewhat unexpected run to a FF with a season that proves at the very least they have a collection talented enough to win it all. Beating them late in the season on their ice shows that we do too.

And by the way if another team, say OSU, wins their first NCAA hockey title before we do, I am gonna puke.