Having watched at least some of all games
by wearendhockey (2019-03-31 00:05:57)
Edited on 2019-03-31 00:06:16

and all of most games I noticed something odd. The ice was terrible, in all four venues, and throughout all 12 games played so far. Bouncing pucks, a ridiculous amount of snow just 5 or 6 minutes into a period, skaters falling constantly for no reason whatsoever, weird bounces that made me think some unknowing rink worker thought pucks were supposed to be heated before games as opposed to keeping them frozen. I've never seen anything like that. I get that at the end of an overtime period in the second game you are going to have awful ice, but the ice was awful to begin with. I heard announcers comment on the surface in at least two of the venues. I wonder why it seemed so poor?

Oh and Melrose and Buccigros suck. That point cannot be overstated. I'd rather listen to the worst of the other three teams light each other's farts than put up with one more minute of either of those clowns. I don't care how little ESPN cares about the niche sports they cover, there is no excuse for having those ass clowns call the prestige games of this sport. God willing, the next time Notre Dame makes the tournament they will be in one of the "western" regions, because these guys never travel further than one of the regions that is closest to ESPN.