As I think you suggest, the elite finishers ...
by BIGSKYND (2019-03-31 10:58:15)

In reply to: I mentioned this a couple of times while watching  posted by wearendhockey

are now going to be the guys who either don't show up or who stay for one year. York is struggling because guys like Kreider and Gaudreau are no longer going to hang around. He's had Milano and Bracco stiff him at the last moment and Wahlstrom (predictably) has bolted after one even though he really didn't show much this year. BU has encountered the same problem. During that time the NHL has become a game where more and more 18- and 19-year-olds with scoring and skating skills can come in and start, and get the entry level issue out of the way with one game. So the challenge is harder - find guys "under the radar" who still have enough hands and wheels that they can become scorers.