There were so many impediments to this program becoming
by wearendhockey (2019-03-31 18:56:42)

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big time when Lefty was here. There were times when Tim McNeill was recruiting when Lefty was the only one coaching. There was no support staff to speak of in the first decade and a half (until the downgrade to club status) with people like McNeill and trainer John Whitmer pulling all sorts of double duty.

The decision to pull recruiting and scholarships for a year when Title IX compliance became an issue in the late 70s was a blow from which the program would not recover from, really, until Poulin got here. He couldn't coach particularly well, but he brought back some excitement and at least some of the possibility of what hockey COULD be here. But in the late 70s and the 2 seasons in the CCHA students and the surrounding public had a hard time paying good money to watch a product that the university didn't care about.