I would have liked our chances as a rested team
by wearendhockey (2019-03-31 23:36:06)

In reply to: This dumb format  posted by Hunt

As it was, we held them off the board for nearly half a game. UMass was Hockey East's highest scoring team, and had 4 of the top 5 points leaders. Their first goal came as a result of a classic "my legs are gone so I need to use my stick to slow you up" penalty and power play. We got by on adrenaline in the first period but we were spent after that. We looked completely different to me than we did in our last 4 games. Not saying we were going to win, but with a rested team our experience and coaching were bound to make things a whole lot more even. Had we somehow managed a 4-0 win of our own on Friday with maybe a third period where we didn't have a single stressful shift, Saturday's game might have looked completely different.