Keeping a talented second-round pick for three years
by Boston Domer (2019-04-01 11:59:20)
Edited on 2019-04-01 12:04:38

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after he was drafted is definitely in line with my expectations. Peeke had one season in the USHL, but did not play in the league past his high school graduation/draft year. A fourth year would have been a nice, but unexpected bonus. I'm not sure what his academic status is, but players like Ian Cole have gone pro and graduated after just three seasons.

Regarding your point of recruiting around it, I would anticipate Jackson knew this was a strong possibility. Departures like Tinordi leaving without getting on campus and Palmieri darting in the middle of the summer can put the program in a bind with regards to recruiting. This definitely falls into a different category.

Likewise, how lucky is UMass, having Makar (4th overall pick) give them two full seasons after he was drafted?