Another hockey rule question: Misconducts
by TCIrish03 (2019-04-05 11:41:06)

I've been around hockey as a fan and player for almost my entire life, and 10min vs game misconduct penalties still don't make sense. With the exception of automatic game misconducts (e.g., 3 fights in a game), is it up to the ref's discretion? Rule 22 and Rule 23 don't specify when to call a 10 min instead of a game..

I can't remember the last time a player received only a 10 min and not a game.

Why issue a 10 min if the guy already is getting a game misconduct? Is it just for penalty stats (Rule 23.1)? Example: "...Bob Boughner 2 min for instigating, 5 min for fighting, a 10 minute misconduct, and a game misconduct..."

I think the 10 minutes in that situation might be ...
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for how it shows up in the PiM stats. It doesn't have an additional on-ice consequence. If I had more time I'd check but I believe the Tables at the end of the Rules should list what's covered by Misconducts, Game M's, and Matches. There's an element of egregiousness in addition to the stuff that's automatic.

This is correct. I don't know how long that's been the
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rule, but all game misconducts add an addition 10 minutes to the total PIMs of the player.