Another hockey rule question: Misconducts
by TCIrish03 (2019-04-05 11:41:06)

I've been around hockey as a fan and player for almost my entire life, and 10min vs game misconduct penalties still don't make sense. With the exception of automatic game misconducts (e.g., 3 fights in a game), is it up to the ref's discretion? Rule 22 and Rule 23 don't specify when to call a 10 min instead of a game..

I can't remember the last time a player received only a 10 min and not a game.

Why issue a 10 min if the guy already is getting a game misconduct? Is it just for penalty stats (Rule 23.1)? Example: "...Bob Boughner 2 min for instigating, 5 min for fighting, a 10 minute misconduct, and a game misconduct..."