Not all will be roses.
by ugoirish (2019-04-25 17:20:31)
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But he's incredibly polished and at least a cut or two above Barrie as a defender (who unlike seemingly the majority of Avs fans I like and appreciate for what he is). I don't know how much you saw of the their series (am I miss-remembering or didn't you used to live in Boulder - seems like you're in Boston now, maybe I have the wrong poster) but Bednar has actually gone YOLO and played Makar and Barrie together already, in OT no less. Scared me a little. Girard was back in a regular sweater for practice today and Bednar had him and Makar on the 2nd PP unit with Girard QBing and Makar on the left circle where he was in college. For the Calgary series Makar was QB up top on the 2nd unit while Girard recovered from the hit he took in Game 2.

Liked below is probably my favorite offensive play he's made so far. First he dangles Tkachuk and just about breaks his ankles, then dangles Lindholm; next could very likely have gone right to the net but has the vision and hands to get the puck to Landy for a nice chance. These are not scrubs he's doing this against. In OT of his second NHL game. Seeing him no longer have to carry a mediocre college team on his back is eye opening. I hate the overuse of the word 'special' these days but...