Vinny’s Stats/Impact at ND
by NH74Domer (2019-08-24 11:42:35)
Edited on 2019-08-24 12:10:53

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I remember coming across his college stats when I was looking through ND’s goal scoring over the last number of years. I was reminded of his impact when I saw the number of assists he had. Jackson has always been one to mix and match his lines except where Vinny and Mario were concerned. IIRC, sometime during the early part of Vinny’s freshman year he was paired with Mario and they were rarely separated thereafter. He had an unbelievable ability to put the puck right where Lucia liked it and Mario did a great job converting. Those guys just really worked well together. Oglevie, Bjork and Malmquist are others that seemed to play really well together.

Vinny’s early departure was painful, but the team stepped up in his absence. Bjork’s departure, however, was the difference in winning or losing thr National Championship against UMD as far as I am concerned. I think we win that game if he’s on the ice.