Things have surely changed from a scoring perspective
by NH74Domer (2020-03-09 11:32:33)
Edited on 2020-03-09 11:36:15

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While we've been in a gradual decline w/r/t goal scoring/scorers over the last several seasons, they've fallen off the cliff from 10 years ago.

The 10/11 team scored 151 goals in 44 games on 1439 SOG with six players registering double digits in goals scored. At least five guys on that roster are playing in the NHL currently. While I know that our approach to building our roster has changed since then, it's a pretty stark contrast nonetheless.

Including that season, we've had just seven 20 goal scorers in our system - Lee (2x), Tynan, Rust, Lucia, Bjork and Oglevie. In that same time period we've had two in the same season just twice - 10/11 and 16/17. Both seasons had six guys who registered double digits in goals scored. This season we had two.