They definitely do
by Hunt (2020-04-07 14:45:07)

In reply to: I thought they already had that to some degree. Maybe it's  posted by other_guy

If you think of the Joyce Lot as divided into three sections E-W, with traffic able to get straight through the lot between them, the third of the lot closest to the Compton is definitely some sort of reserved parking. I can't recall ever getting an option to buy into that, which makes me think that it must be part of the O'Brien's Club STH package...but then again, it's not something I'd be terribly interested in, so maybe I just never noticed it as part of my "regular" STH invoice.

The extra couple minute walk means nothing to me. However, as I do enjoy my pregame beverage or two at The Backer, the only nice thing would be having a guaranteed spot so not having to get there really early on those rare games when MBB/WBB is also home. The walk from the Library Lot is not so fun.