Mostly, yes
by Hunt (2020-04-08 09:22:57)

In reply to: Parking for hockey is extremely easy, right?  posted by DakotaDomer

For all but a couple games a year, yes.

But if basketball is home it changes. Or if there is some sort of fencing or swimming big meet and it's also Junior Parents Weekend...or something weird like that, it gets impacted. I probably make about half the home games, I generally like to pull right in to the lot 10-15 minutes before game time, and I'd say I get "stuck" without a spot south of the JACC maybe twice a year.

I've gotten better at figuring out when those games are, and now I just choose to park in the Eddy Street Commons neighborhood on those games. But obviously, many people just think if MBB/WBB is home and not about the combo of other things that can mess it up too.