Manon Rheaume
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Until today's Instragram post, I had no idea she was Dylan St. Cyr's mom. I'm sure it was probably posted before but I somehow missed it.

I had the privilege to attend the game she played for the Lightning in '92. In fact, there's a pretty good shot of me at the bottom-middle of the 5:57 mark of the clip below cheering for her right after she stoned the Blues' Lee Norword (the Constanza wallet cinches it).

While I think there's been a lot made of the moment as a publicity stunt, the brainchild of Phil Esposito, what doesn't seem to get covered is just how gusty of a performance it was. This wasn't floating around the ice. This was standing between the pipes in the NHL.

Even though it was pre-season, the Blues dressed Brett Hull and Brendan Shanahan and whole bunch of starters. Maybe because she was in net. I don't know. What I do know is that they really teed off on her. I can't remember how many rockets she faced from the point. It was as if they were trying to score through her rather than around. Shanahan blasted a few at her and put one in that no one could've stopped.

It was a fond memory of the Lightning's first season. I was playing adult hockey at the only rink for 200 miles. As a result, the Lightning was like our own, private NHL team. Guys I played with/against either worked for the Lightning (a friend was the Director of Marketing), worked for the arena (my linemate worked Security), or worked in the penalty box. One of our refs was even a goal judge for the Lightning home games.

I recall going into the Lightning's office during the preseason while my friend, Director of Marketing was making Brent Gretzky's jersey for a game. It was pretty cool to hold a real "Gretzky" jersey. Brent got sent down to Atlanta after that but ended up playing a few regular season games the following season.

A few months later, my linemate, the Security Guard, let me back to the visitor's locker room area to meet Brent's brother, my long-time idol: Wayne.

Trivia: Wayne and Brent hold the NHL record for most combined points by two brothers - 2,857 for Wayne and 4 for Brent.

Such great memories of a fun hockey season.

But it began with a one very badass performance by a very good goaltender.

Great story. *
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It’s in his bio, but until you actually see it ... She is
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so effing kickass. I had no idea.

Her accent destroys me. She is the cutest. The fact that he is at ND and played behind Cale is pretty unbelievable.

Hi, mom, those skaters for University of Denver were pretty scary.

Ya, hi, I stared down NHL players, so.