Tech coach attributes it to portal/NIL
by ndmd99 (2023-03-25 09:00:50)

In reply to: Has to be about the least interesting first round of an NCAA  posted by wearendhockey

NIL isn't talked about much with hockey, but it seems like it's playing a role. I expect its effect mainly with the elite Logan Cooley type recruits.

Parity is a growing issue with NCAA hockey. If I recall, last year there weren't any 1st round upsets in the tourney (other than us -- 9 over 8 seed). I thought that mostly had to due with schools that could afford to go over the scholarship limit and the portal.

B10 athletic depts have a big advantage with TV $$. This year is a sign it may pull away from the NCHC and become the powerhouse hockey conf.

We can keep up with athletic dept funding. Where we'll likely fall behind is NIL.