More on Harry O
by Chuck84 (2007-08-09 01:36:39)

This was the real Rudy story. This moment was a thousand times more meaningful and was more improbable than a mop-up tackle to end a three TD victory. Oliver's persona was much more emblematic of the little guy who made his dream come true at Notre Dame. It was Oliver's humble demeanor which made him incapable of becoming the self-promoting lout which Ruettiger was and is.

Harry was a Moeller High School product and a Mechanical Engineer who blended easily into the student body. You would never know the 5'10" guy who walked right by you on the way to Mass or the Library was the same guy who came through at the most improbable moment to end the most dramatic finish between college football's two winningest programs. The kick also gave ND a Sugar Bowl bid and a shot national title going into mid-November that year. Not many pundits expected ND to be there.

I still recall a post-game quote by Butch Woofolk (who was seen in the famous picture rushing in to block the attempt): "Man that guy's gonna have all the women he wants tonight." Oliver replied, "The only woman I care about tonight is on that Dome."

RIP Harry.