by Backer-BND94 (2007-10-11 12:10:32)

In reply to: BC's supposed rise to power (long and number intensive)  posted by thalernd

With all we hear about BC consistently beating highly ranked ND teams, maybe we ought to check the facts:
1993: yes, #16 BC over #1 ND
1994: yes, ND was #8
1995: no, ND victory
1996: no, ND victory
1997: no, ND victory
1998: no, ND victory
1999: no, #25 BC over unranked ND
2000: no, ND victory
2001: no, ND was not ranked
2002: yes, ND was #4
2003: no, ND was not ranked
2004: no, ND was #24