That doesn't mean you're not clueless.
by passrightblog (2008-09-22 13:12:15)

In reply to: I'm fully in the know about who Kabong is *  posted by Dillon09

El Kabong is a former Delta Force member. I know, I served with him in the kind of ops that would make Colonel Jessup shake in his boots like a Frenchman before the Nazi onslaught.

El Kabong got that nickname from the noise that his weapon made when he swung it like a baseball bat and popped a Nicaraguan soldier right in the face. We were there to interdict a shipment of North Korean plutonium and stumbled across a patrol out looking for us. He ran out of ammo in a midnight firefight in the middle of a shitty little vill and finished off the last guy by playing Babe Ruth.

This guy knows how to kill you five ways with both hands tied behind his back. One hand? He probably knows fifteen. Both hands available? You're dead before you hit the ground. Hell, he could spot you a machete and five seconds and he would still walk away without a scratch.

Think twice before you challenge this man to anything, much less a fight. He will end you.