Rest in peace, FHSU...
by Keenan04 (2009-03-24 21:47:00)

In reply to: The world just got a little bit darker today.  posted by bleedsgreen04

FHSU was a source of strength and inspiration to countless numbers of us. I remember reading an article about him a few years back, and made a point to save a quote of his. It's been in my wallet, and I go to it when times are tough.

"As bad as things seem there are always other people struggling with problems or issues worse than yours. If you can keep that attitude, you'll be better in the long run. There can be beauty in tough situations. It is not a perfect world by any means, but if there were no obstacles, we would never get to see anyone shine." - Jonny May

I'm sorry I never got to meet him, but God bless your brother. I know he's peaceful and away from all the pain. Know he (and your family) are in all our prayers.