Respectfully seconded
by shawno3 (2009-03-24 21:47:00)

In reply to: he packed more living in those 27 years  posted by jddomer

Though I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, there have been numerous times in the past year that I have seen posts on this board either from or about FHSU and have used those posts as inspiration to get off my duff and do whatever it was that needed doing. Nothing I did (or tried to do) compared in the slightest to what FHSU did, but I am positive that his example had a tremendous positive effect on the lives of many, many others. He will continue to be an inspiration to me for his fight, his selflessness, and his lack of self-pity in the worst of circumstances.

God Bless Jon and his family. I cannot imagine what they are going through right now but I hope with all my heart that the overwhelming pride that they must feel as a result of the shining example that Jon set helps to alleviate the grief of his loss.