Words cannot adequately express how inspirational Jon was
by luvnd (2009-03-24 21:47:00)

In reply to: The world just got a little bit darker today.  posted by bleedsgreen04

and remains to so many (who were fortunate enough to have met him) and to others, like me, who knew him through his blog and the postings from his family. While the world is lesser and heaven is greater with Jon's passing, it is also true that he has left this world a much better place through the courage, strength, devotion and love he showed and engendered. He showed us how to live well and how to face what life has in store for us even if it's not what we would ask for. May he rest in peace knowing he has been and remains beloved by many. May his family in their sorrow know that their life was blessed with his incomparable presence. He has more than earned angel wings. Good-by Jon and God Bless.