As I leave for KS a few thoughts and a picture.
by OITLinebacker (2009-03-24 21:47:00)

In reply to: The world just got a little bit darker today.  posted by bleedsgreen04

Jon (a subway alum) was a bigger Notre Dame fan than most of ND folks I graduated with (no offense to them) and a bigger fan than me. I was privileged enough to spend 27 years of my life with him and one of the best memories I will have is a day that Jon and I had a few falls ago. We had a special mass with Fr. Hesburgh (in his office) and got a special tour of the stadium as the prepared to play Michigan (in '06 probably the highest point of the FB team in a long time). The link is a picture of that day.

I want to thank everyone back here for their kind words and prayers. Board ops if it is not too much trouble would you mind putting this picture with the text on the front page? Also any chance that this thread could be saved (in the almanac or somewhere?) I am thinking that I would like to print it out for my folks when I get to KS.

Thank you all so much. Yours in Notre Dame,
Jeremy May (OITLinebacker)