A death in the family.
by OldGold (2009-03-24 21:47:00)

In reply to: The world just got a little bit darker today.  posted by bleedsgreen04

Please accept our deepest sympathy and extend our condolences to your extraordinary family. Jon was and always will be a major part of our Notre Dame family.

One never felt that one was speaking to a "young" man when talking or communicating with Jon. He was "just" a man. It runs in the May family.

When I finally had the pleasure of introducing my wife to Jonny last Fall, he was clearly weakened (but not so much that he couldn't sit in the downpour at enjoy every minute of the Michigan destruction). Yet my wife's reaction was, "he's so strong".

Perhaps the greatest benefit I've enjoyed from being a member of the Notre Dame family is in meeting the others who share that blessing. Not only was he one of the family, he was as true an example of what an ND man can be as I've ever met. He would, of course, shrug off such a sentiment: that was part of his charm.

My day began with the news of the death of a high school friend, a fine and decent man who enjoyed a successful career as a college and high school basketball coach. He was 63 and had just been diagnosed with cancer; as he prepared for that battle his heart failed and he was gone. I mourn him, but he had a longer life. The feeling we get from your sad news -- as unsurprising as it might be -- is initially focused on the brevity of Jon's life. No life well-lived is ever long enough. But he touched so many people, his battle was so noble and inspiring, that he shall live on in all of us. Yes, he was strong beyond description. But he was also sweet, and funny. And he gave as good as he got, didn't he? Your loss is ours.

I saw a cartoon some years back, two guys next to each other on a playground swingset in Heaven. One says to the other: "Five hundred TV channels up here, and every one is tuned to Notre Dame football!". And so it will stay: Jon won't let anyone mess with the remote.

He persevered and earned that Master's in Public Health. He managed to tease his brothers whenever the opportunity arose. Thanks to Brandy, he found love and marriage. It was indeed a life well-lived. It goes on in our hearts. We are profoundly sorry for your loss, J.