For the others;
by moNDo (2009-05-26 11:10:25)

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John Bernard Martin II, F-8J ramp strike South China Sea, Oct 1970 (cousin);
Eric Hertzberg, Marine, shot by sniper in Anbar 2006 (nephew);
LT Kercher,LT Brown, LT Pies, PO Snyder, PO Watson, SN Smith (PO Huff survives),
Guys I couldn't get to in time flying: (VMA-533)Cox, Shindelheim, Gonzalez;
Guys I couldn't find: Hebdon, Sully;
Guys gone in the flash of an eye: (USS Ranger) MM1 Johnson, MM3 Stomer, BT3 Teichert, MM3 Williams, FN Cochran, FN Chappell (All Saints' Day 1983),
Guys that didn't make it out of their sub I was working: LT Everts, PO3 Lindgren, PO1 Bordelon;
Guy who survived the enemy, died of cancer, Mike Marcino.
Our prayers are with you and your families.