Green Bay's usage of a FB last night was sublime.
by OITLInebacker (2009-09-14 19:35:59)

In reply to: Introducing the new and improved Irish rushing attack  posted by GeronimoRumplestiltskin

It may be because they have a good FB, but I like the way they ran the zone read out of basically an I formation. The FB would get a read on the hole and open it up for Ryan Grant who had enough "zip" to break off some nice runs. This is exactly what I expected when I heard that Aldridge/Hughes were moving to FB. A lot of the Zone running plays look like they need a bit of a block to really pop open a hole and I think a good FB does that. It's not that they have to block a DT or DE or LB 1 on 1, they just need to double in the hole enough to make a seam to "zip" through.