What a Post - Questions from a Less Knowledgeable Fan
by Pat85 (2009-09-14 19:35:59)

In reply to: Introducing the new and improved Irish rushing attack  posted by GeronimoRumplestiltskin

(1) Is a pro style offense best for a team aspiring to be an elite college program in 2009? Florida, LSU, Oklahoma and Ohio State among the major powers, and Utah, Boise, West Virgina... among the next tier all seem to have achieved success over the past 6+ years running a much different offense. USC is an exception I realize (though that looked like more of a power running game late in their game against OSU), but I am wondering whether Weis' offense even at its best works in college football.

(2) Do Pittsburgh and the Giants in pro football, and Bama in college run more of a power game, with a generally pro style? Again, I am interested what someone with more football knowledge thinks about what works in college rather than pro football.