Good summation but
by Tooelemink (2011-06-06 07:56:52)

In reply to: The answer to the Tribune's actions is reason.  posted by undfan211

NDSP has qualified sex crime investigator(s). It would make little sense to turn case over to St Joseph County investigators - the nature of the allegation would be of a very low priority to them - much lower than NDSP. This investigation was doomed from day one. A mentally ill accuser under medication alleging an unwanted touching of her breast. No third party witness. No other corroboration. And for those of you that say this is anything approaching a high priority crime - it is not. Just imagine how many investigators would have to be hired in a city like Chicago if unwanted touching cases were to be agressively and exhaustively pursued. Basically, as far as I can tell, the NDSP work was good overall and I fail to see any coverup by ND administration which is the whole thrust of the Tribune article. Devious and misleading journalism by the Tribune. A truly tragic story for the Seeberg family, however.