My response
by HTownND (2011-09-14 10:37:11)

In reply to: As I watched the game with some friends...  posted by Buckyd9

To Saturday versus Saturday September 2, 1995, when we lost the home opener to Northwestern, were in stark contrast.

Some of it is age and maturity. But I didn't have the complete and utter despair that I had the night of 9/2/1995.

It really is sad. It's sad that the last time we were close to greatness, was on a cold Dallas night in January 1994. People born after that game, will be freshman this year and next. They will have lived their whole lifes not knowing a Notre Dame team that competed for a national title.

But I still get mad, and upset. But not like I used to get. Perhaps it's age and maturity. I fear that it's acceptance and moving on.