Maybe it's this.
by ugoirish (2011-09-14 10:37:11)

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Maybe those of us who have such little faith in Kelly and have felt that way since at least a year before he was hired are perplexed and somewhat amazed that others don't see the almost surreal similarities that we see between him and the man he replaced. i.e. An obsession with his own offensive wizardry which results in spectacularly moving the ball between the 20's but having difficulties getting hard yards at critical junctures and a penchant for making risky in-game decisions. I could go on for quite a while detailing what I believe to be are other similarities but it's doubtful that I would convince anyone who doesn't already feel that way and I'm tired of getting into arguments on this board.

But there's another reason for the intransigence - in my case at least. I'm not going to be a patsy this time and I'm not going to let the admin off the hook for another half-assed hire. Just because they say it's time to go into return to glory mode doesn't mean I'm going to do it. I did it for Faust, Davie, Willingham, and Weis. Most of the time (particularly Faust and Willingham - I very much wanted Holtz when they hired Fuzzy and a host of people including Coughlin when we got Ty) against my better judgement. I probably would have for O'Leary also. I'm not going to do it this time when I'm convinced to the core of my being that this guy isn't up to the job. I don't care that he spent 15 years at a glorified community college, or was .500 at a MAC school or took what Dantonio started and won a crappy conference against the likes of Wannstedt and then lost a bowl to a team that continually loses big games.

I'm not going to pretend just because the admin and the hype machine say I'm supposed to and, if they have anyone looking at this board, I'll rub it in their faces when my expectations are met because they fucking deserve it. I would much rather be part of the rah-rah-just-wait-and-see-it's-going-to-be-ok-eventually crowd because that's much more my nature but I can't and won't do it this time and I won't pretend to be in a wait and see mode because I'm not.

I didn't post this to be confrontational to you personally 3b but you seemed genuinely interested in the motivations of someone of my ilk.