Have to echo this post
by IrishSpirit (2011-09-14 10:37:11)

In reply to: In the past 5 years, this is the best post you've authored.  posted by The Beef

Andy is a smart guy who has many good ideas. A delivery style like this will carry them more effectively to a larger audience. If it someday becomes necessary (and we all know that it might) to build a consensus for change that delivery style could come in handy.

Bacchus is also correct that the PTB caused this fiasco by succumbing to unwarranted or exaggerated attacks in the early '90s and easing Holtz out.

Still, some who criticized earlier Presidents, ADs and HCs early and often are hoping against hope that Fr. Jenkins, Swarbrick and Kelly can get this turned around.

Not because we fear gambling losses or need to wear ND gear to take credit for something we did nothing to impact. But because Notre Dame has a positive track record of turning out well-balanced graduates who strive to excel in body, mind and soul so as to better service others in the family/career/community games they play. For almost a century an Irish Football program that wins with integrity has helped to shine a light on this greater message that (imo) is unique to ND. But we all realize that losing with integrity is no more inspiring that winning without it.

I can't pretend to a very good Catholic, nor would I suggest that every religious person is well-intended or bright. But some are. And for 8 score and 10 years they have had a major impact on the longterm value of Notre Dame in the world -imo. I had an opportunity to speak with Brian Teo about this and, even as a Mormon, he agreed. I think he's right.

Hopefully Fr. Jenkins, Swarbrick and Kelly are cut from a different cloth than their predecessors. If not, hopefully their successors will be.