I suggested this same concept several days ago
by 89 Swine (2011-09-14 10:37:11)

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and took some heat for it. I think there's a reasonable possibility that the demise of Notre Dame football has been orchestrated beginning with the ouster of Lou Holtz. The best way for the administration to de-emphasize a program of this magnitude and importance is not by coming out and stating that intention. That would cause a revolt. The best way to de-emphasize the program is by generating activity that appears outwardly to add value -- that provides the illusion of trying -- while systematically installing leadership that is incapable of ever delivering winning results.

"Gee, guys, we tried our best. It just didn't work out."

I wanted to believe Jenkins was the cure. But then I watch him hire an AD who has no experience managing a high-profile sports program. Then I watch that AD hire a football coach who has no experience coaching an elite football team. Then I see that football team perform sloppy, erratic, mistake-prone football.

Eventually, I come to the conclusion that this is the plan. This is by design. And then it all makes sense.