Regarding the changes to the uniforms
by R2D2isAMeanDrunk (2012-08-18 16:08:54)
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The uniform changes from generation to generation, that's not the issue. Older generations always don't like it because it makes them feel old, but ultimately the new fans can appreciate a fresh take. My guess is the players embrace it regardless of how it actually looks because it becomes their part of ND culture. It's their moment, and they can distinguish themselves from every other moment in our past. That all probably fits under the umbrella of "modernizing the brand", but I deliberately put it in quotation marks because they've made such a farce of it that they can and will use it as an excuse to make whatever changes they feel necessary to bring in more money independent of the team's performance.

The real thing that I'm offended by here is that it's ugly. The players are going to like anything you put out there, especially something as "contemporary" as this. I hate calling it contemporary but that's where we're at: people like shit. Frankly, when it's done right, nobody here really gave a crap either - see the Hawaii Bowl with the names on the back - mostly because it doesn't deviate from our tradition and iconography. Ultimately, this is a failure because it is such an ugly deviation that is so blatantly an imitation of other universities that you can't help but call into question the judgement and values of the administration.