This is Liam. He hates Notre Dame.
by Bruno95 (2012-11-05 16:38:14)

Liam's first name is Dave, but his middle name is Liam and he goes by that. He hates Notre Dame. So much so that he had his tattoo altered four years ago; it's now a Leprechaun-Busters one. Honestly, we're so glad he's not stuck in that Indiana cow pasture. Where he is now is perfect: imagine if Elmhurst's stadium were so big they had to sell football tickets on Groupon!

Everyone is so excited this week. Liam and his friends shaved anti-ND things in the backs of their heads. Their bathroom looked like Danny Bonaduce's crotch by the time they were done. They hope this is the week they will finally see their Freshman year dream come true. Well, all of them except Ryan. Ryan got all A's that year, and that asshole will be sitting in the visitors' section.