Analaysis of Alabama's 4th drive. (Held to a punt)
by Papa November (2013-01-11 16:41:51)

1:01:25 – 1 & 10 – Play action pass – Incomplete

Great pressure by NG #9 and DE #55. QB has to throw the ball away. #55’s pressure was due to scheme more than individual effort. Looked like we had good coverage as well.

Great scheme. Good execution.

1:02:05 – 2 & 10 – Zone right – loss of 3

Great read by LB #44, who sees the action and fills immediately to get the TFL. The d-line was stout as well, with DE #89 and LB #55 doing a great job not giving up the edge.

Good scheme. Great execution.

1:02:55 – 3 & 12 – Dropback pass – gain of 12 (called back on holding penalty)

We have a 3 man front and our nickel package in, but we also drop NT #9 into the hole. So we are only rushing two. The get good edge rushes, but the QB easily steps up and delivers a good ball. Can’t see coverage on this film, so difficult to say how the receiver came open. Hard to criticize scheme, because Diaco’s conservative approach worked all year. One of our 9 men in coverage should have stuck with the receiver.

Scheme debatable depending on philosophy. Poor execution.

1:03:56 – 3 & 22 – Dropback pass – QB scramble for 5

Fantastic bull rushes by DE #7 and NG #9 to flush the QB.

Good scheme. Great execution by #7 and #9.

After 4 series and down 21 - 0, I've seen Alabama look physically dominant on 2 or 3 plays at the most. I continue to be most impressed by their gameplan and execution.