Analysis of Alabama's 5th drive. (Held to a punt.)
by Papa November (2013-01-11 16:41:53)

1:09:06 – 1 & 10 – Zone left – gain of 15

I’m surprised Diaco lived through this game. The RB starts on a zone left, and just as before, NG #9 demolishes the C and forced a cutback. Also just as before, bama has motioned an H back to that cutback side, and DE #55 does an admirable job fighting off the H back to both maintain his gap and also be in a position to shed the block and help outside. What’s different this time is that Diaco has S #17 move up into the box at the last second. He is in perfect position to make the play. He takes a horrible angle and doesn’t even get a hand on the RB.

Great scheme. Poor execution by S #17.

1:09:45 – 1 & 10 – Zone right action w/ cutback – gain of 4

Base 3- 4 look. This is the designed cutback to the left with the QB pivot after showing zone right action. All three DL and both ILB do a good job taking on their blocks and holding position. Playside OLB #13 also does a great job pinning his blocker at the point of attack and holding outside leverage. All blockers are occupied, and S #17 has to fill and make the tackle. He misses the first time, but gets back in on the tackle thanks to the great play of LB #13. Should have been a tackle for no gain.

Good scheme. Poor execution by S #17.

*Herbstreit hits the nail on the head in his analysis after this play. Lacy is a great back, but he didn’t make many great plays in this game. Motta and Te’o played horribly. Motta especially goes into every tackle looking like he’s expecting to get beat. His head was not in the right place during this game.

1:10:30 – 2 & 6 – Dropback pass – gain of 8

3-4 look with cover 2. Bama is in empty so there is no run threat. I have no idea what LB #5 was doing on this play. The TE runs straight into his zone, but #5 continues to backpedal and leaves him wide open for an easy first down.

Good scheme. Poor execution by LB #5.

1:11:08 – 1 & 10 – Incomplete (dropped)

The RB releases behind the pass rush and drops and easy ball that would have been a decent gain. Either LB #48 or LB #5 is responsible for him. But this is a great call by Bama after completing several passes in our intermediate zones and getting the LB’s to think about dropping with depth.

Good scheme. Poor execution by either LB #48 or LB #5.

1:11:54 – 2 & 10 – dropback pass – incomplete

Good pressure by DE #11. DT #89 sniffs the RB screen out perfectly, and the QB has to throw it away.

Good scheme. Great execution by DE #11 and DT #89.

1:12:40 – 3 & 10 – dropback pass – incomplete

We line up in a 3-4 but again only rush 2, dropping the NG into the hole. I’m now critical of this scheme. It’s one thing to do this when you have great cover men, but we had been struggling to stay with their receivers all night. Indeed, S #17 and S #41 both let the WR get behind them, and a better pass would have been a TD. We should have been forcing quick throws, or at least letting #9 bull rush the pocket. He is worthless standing 5 yards off the LOS waving his hands.

Poor scheme. Poor execution by S #17 and S # 41.