Oh, it's about me now.
by Ofcr. Tim McCarthy (2013-01-11 16:42:04)

In reply to: You are an exceedingly judgmental person...  posted by Winter Celtic

Like I say, you suck at this.

You could have changed the way this all "looks to some people" by providing a plausible explanation for why you visibly spent thousands of dollars on the game while begging for money from others. You didn't provide that explanation, because you don't have it. You don't have it because it doesn't exist.

And I just told you what you could "provide" now. You could "provide" all the dog money back to the people who gave it to you, and "provide" proof from them that you've done so. But you're not going to do that either, because that would require you to admit the truth and give back the money.